A return to the Seventies?

Created Date: 2015-10-19


A return to the 1970’s?

A recent headline in The Guardian grabbed our attention: “Customer shopping habits pop back to the 70s”.  What’s more, to give credibility the headline was attributed to the well known retailer John Lewis, a Verdict Best UK Retailer Award winner.

Before we gasp at the horrors of the three day week, terry cloth shirts, over-sized collars and trouser bottoms, we thought we’d check on the journalistic licence behind the headline.

Indeed, there was little actual reference to any specific items of clothing – merely more a case of influence.  There was a link to Yves Saint Laurent's fashion show at the Paris fashion week in 2012.  One of the designs was a wide brimmed hat, similar in style to one worn by Bianca Jagger on her wedding day in 1971.  We think it’s a very stylish hat – we’ll come onto style and fashion shortly.



The increased popularity of vinyl was written about – how much could be credited to 70’s fashion is debatable. And, oddly, the article featured a picture of the 1956 designed Eames Lounge Chair – deemed such a modern classic that one is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City



So, what has this to do with us at Quantock?  It’s simple really, we take a view from Coco Chanel, famously quoted as saying “fashion changes, but style endures”.  Whether something dates back from the 19th Century (denim), 1929 (the polo shirt) or the seventies, we will try to ensure we keep the cuts simple and contemporary – timeless classics that will endure.  That we are working on a slim fit shirt, you could argue we are taking influence from the 1970’s – think John Travolta.  We will guarantee one thing, though, the collars will not be over-sized.


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