How is Adriana Lima linked to Quantock?

Created Date: 2015-01-08

UK Fashion Manufacturing - CNN Money

On the 6th January, CNN Money commented on the growth of the UK Fashion Manufacturing Industry.  It was amusing that the story’s headline photo was the opening frame to a video of the recent Victoria’s Secrets fashion show.  I’m not sure how many of those scantily clad models wore underwear that was made in the UK, but if the picture grabbed attention, then it has done its job. And, perhaps for now UK fashion manufacturing isn’t quite as sexy a picture to look at as Adriana Lima, but there again beauty is always in the eye of the beholder…

The way we look at it at Quantock is this – placing a video showing the likes of Adriana Lima next to an article on UK Fashion Manufacturing does far more good than otherwise.  Perhaps Adriana Lima is thinking: “wow, I’m glad to be put in the same bracket as the UK rag trade!”, but even more likely is that people start to read the excellent article and learn more about what is happening right here and right now in the UK.

At Quantock, we are passionate about supporting the UK Fashion Manufacturing industry – it is part of our mantra of “Made in England” and as CNN commented, there is the well-earned and rightful association to product quality. 

Must go – I have an urgent appointment with my new friend...

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