It's Our Birthday

Created Date: 2016-10-12


Yes, it's our 2nd birthday - so to celebrate we've a cracking sale on until 13th November. There are some bargains to be had to allow us to make room for our beautiful new lines, designed by our First Class Fashion grad Chloe. To get free delivery, all we ask is for you to spend £50 for UK bound orders and £75 for orders destined anywhere else.

Two years ago Quantock started trading. People told us "you'll never do that" - well we did and more importantly we still are.  It's been hard but rewarding work with some notable highlights along the way.

Supplying the British Racing Drivers' Club, working with the talented rower, Rio gold medallist and complete gent Matt Gotrel and best of all serving our loyal and supportive customers, without whom the dream would still be just that.

We've not gone overboard with our own celebrations - just a modest lemon drizzle cake with two pre-used candles. Being entrepreneurial isn't quite living the high life when you're young.

More of Matt Gotrel

We took Matt into the deepest, darkest uncharted Oxfordshire countryside for a photo session at Warburg Nature Reserve (a real hidden gem). Our thanks to Paul Lapsley photography for bearing with us whilst we tried to find said nature reserve - there is a story there involving satnav. Here are a couple of snippets for you to peruse...


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