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Created Date: 2015-03-05

Outerwear Blog by Grey Fox - Starring Quantock Jeans

The Grey Fox published his excellent blog this morning and very kindly referenced our jeans, matching them with various other menswear brands to good effect. Thank you to the Grey Fox Blog for his support.

Here are three great pictures of David (aka Grey Fox Blog), beautifully photographed for his blog by Nick Maroudias

What interested us is that when looking through the photos of the various jackets worn with our rinsewashed jeans, it became clear in our eyes that some combinations of colours seem to work better than others, so it got us thinking. Being naturally inquisitive, we decided to look into this in more detail.  

A lot has been written about matching colours, the use of colour wheels, complimentary tones, etc, so it made sense for us to wade into the debate. But before declaring our views, we thought a better way would be to find out more of what people think themselves by running a poll on Facebook.

We'll run the poll for a week or so to see gain views in colour matching, then refer back to what has been written about it in the past and perhaps add in a bit about what we like most, etc.

Should be fun!


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