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Created Date: 2015-05-10

Listening to Your Views


Just to set the record straight and before you read on, we are apolitical at Quantock!  



What stirred us to update our blog was this excellent article recently published in the Daily Telegraph - a reluctance to share your true views, written by Janet Daley. Yes, we've had an election here in the United Kingdom and yes, many people (politicians and pollsters included) were somewhat stunned by the exit polls announced at 10:00pm on Thursday 8th May, as soon as polling had completed.

Janet Daley does go into details about this party and that party, but what we really liked about what she wrote is what we read between the lines.  Why indeed is it that so many people chose to carefully guard their true views?  One point made was that perhaps the open brow beating and criticism by some left leaning supporters had acted a bit like the school bully.  You may have been told to your face that someone is with you, but when it comes to their true view, it is only when individuals are given the quiet, safe and undisturbed privacy of the polling booth that their real opinion is expressed.

And this brings us onto what we like about Janet Daley's article.  The issue of not really knowing what people truly think until it is too late does not only apply to politics and general elections, but also to many situations in life and indeed many organisations.  This is the relevance to what we are doing at Quantock.  We are proud to state that we are developing a culture of "what could we do even better?" and not one of "was everything alright?"  If we blindly assume that we are doing everything right, or perhaps ask the question "was everything alright?", can we ever be certain that we aren't missing opportunities for improvement?  Not only is this good for customer service, but also vitally important for the health of our organisation as we grow.

We want to know what people's true views are - even if sometimes the message might not be what we want to hear, but it would certainly be a case of what we need to hear.

Drop us a line at to tell us what you think.  We know we're not perfect and still have lots to do, but what do you see and what are your thoughts? That is something we would dearly love to hear about.

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