We can't just rely on oil

Created Date: 2014-12-19

Oil is great, but it's not everything!

Many of us will have seen the price of petrol and diesel fall at the pumps over the last few weeks - a welcome boost to the cash in our wallets, particularly in the run up to Christmas (or if you wished to indulge in some more fabulous Quantock menswear).

But if the price of petrol comes down, it's often because the price of oil has fallen.  And, since the Scots voted to stay in the UK, the whole country is touched by potential falling oil revenues, which is why it is so important to support manufacturing to help mensure we have a wider economic base and less reliance on potential volatile raw material prices.  

Quantock will always stand for Made in England - not just as a badge of honour, but to give confidence to our Customers about the quality of our products and to do our bit to create a more balanced and sustainable economy.  



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