Is The Tide Turning?

Created Date: 2018-12-31

Are we now seeing the true costs of fast fashion?

“Fast fashion is a waste of resources, contributor to pollution and creator of wages that starve the people employed in the textile industry of Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Vietnam. It is a crime and proof of the decadency of the Western World - the throw-away society.”
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So says this particular picked out comment from Saturday’s article in the Guardian.
We all know The Guardian is left leaning and as with any journalism it should be taken with a small pinch of salt.  But we do agree with campaigns that highlight the true impacts of fast fashion.  
At Quantock, it’s what we’ve known all along about the industry: massively complex extended supply chains; ultra low wages in the Far East; huge environmental impacts.  
In spite of the many associated challenges, it is why we choose to make our clothes in the UK.  And in regards to environmental impacts, why we simply continue to allow our actions to demonstrate our values.


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