UK Manufacturing Bounces Back

Created Date: 2016-09-01


So why do we insist on making all our product in England?

That’s a very good question – and at times one that even we have asked ourselves. The UK textile industry has shrunk dramatically since the dizzy heydays of the 1970’s and it has been hard finding partners with the right capability. And of course, those that can do the job can’t compete directly with many overseas factories that are barely paying £5 a day wage rates, let alone the current £7.20 statutory minimum hourly wage rate in the UK.


We do it because we can.

We do it because stories like this from Sky News about UK manufacturing show that the idea is viable.

We do it because it helps us stand out.

We do it because it is hard – and that means others will find it hard to follow in our footsteps.

We do it because in the long term it will be better – being close to our supply chain partners means we know what goes on and we can develop all important relationships with the people that count (those on the shopfloor actually making clothing).


That's why.

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