Apple Worker Conditions in China

Created Date: 2014-12-19

Apple Worker Conditions in China

According to the BBC Panorama programme, workers at Pegatron, a busines that assembles Apple iPhones and iPads in China, face exhausting schedules and regularly have to work more than 60 hours a week.  Among many issues highlighted, the undercover reporting showed tired employees napping during breaks at their work stations or even falling asleep on the job.


As the World increasingly globalises, we are all becoming more aware of what is involved in manufacturing many of the items we all take for granted, whether it be a polo shirt, a smart phone, a handbag or even a Christmas tree decoration.  At Quantock, we believe we will see more questions being raised about how people are treated throughout the supply chain, whether farming raw materials, operating machinery, assembling product, or driving trucks from factory gate to port, etc.

And, for us, focussing our efforts on manufacturing 100% of our product in England is not only about providing high quality products, but also ensuring the standards faced by those involved in the process are at the level at which we are comfortable to put our name to.  Wearing Quantock apparel is not just about an appreciation of quality clothing, but also about making a statement of how you value the people involved in making our fantastic clothes.

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