“It's our business model that takes us to a £2 T-shirt”

Created Date: 2018-11-27

“It's our business model that takes us to a £2 T-shirt”

"It's our business model that takes us to a £2 T-Shirt". According to the BBC News website, so says Primark's head of ethical trade and environmental sustainability, Paul Lister.  The BBC was reporting on the Commons environmental audit committee, chaired by Labour MP Mary Creagh (you can click on the news report here).


Primark is a great business, but it’s an interesting business model that can sell a T shirt for £2.  That’ll be £1.67 ex VAT, so even Mr Hammond is being short changed.


We wish Primark and other Fast Fashion retailers all the very best – it is far from our place to criticise. Instead, we just stick to our mantra: “Buy once. Buy well. Buy Quantock”. And for that you can be assured our limited resources have done as much as is practicable to ensure our supply chain is as fair as possible, including manufacturing in England.  Without our valued supply chain partners, we are no-one.  We really do live our values.


So that’s the end of our message. You pays your money and you makes your choices…


Image thanks to canva.com

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